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Maximize Productivity

Working with business owners and departmental managers to define and develop applications for specific business applications. Large or small applications that operate in either a stand-alone or networked environment.

Windows-based applications utilizing primarily databases and VB.Net

• Enabling your company to use technology as a tool in your operations and strategies; and, increase cost effectiveness and identification of business opportunities.
QMARS - A Quality Audit Reporting System that provides for standard management reports as well as the ability to develop user-defined reports. The data is extracted from the Production and Accounting Systems

"Thanks for eliminating the need for manually pulling data from all of our different systems. It is also nice to create audit reports on the fly based on a ISO partner's request."

SMART - Sales Monitoring and Reporting Tool

"I can make sure that my sale goals are met and that my staff converts prospects into customers."

Claridata Corp is primarily a systems development firm. One of our principals has been developing Computer Information Systems for 20 years. Many of our systems development efforts are proprietary. These systems reside either on the desktop, the network, or the internet. These proprietary systems include:

  • Bail Bonds
  • Banking
  • Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM)
  • Insurance Inspections
  • Inventory Control 
  • Invoicing
  • Mortgages
  • Production Accounting
  • Quality Auditing 
  • Student Management
  • Vessel Scheduling
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