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Maximize Productivity

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The data is stored in QuickBooks and Excel.  It is converted into a database that resides on a remote server running IIS 6.0. 

The application is a custom-built Windows application. The application resides on a server with log-in. 

The data is reported in a text format.  The data is then exported into an XML format.   The electronic invoices are then uploaded to the customers' servers.

Our customers define the features of the system they require through an iterative and collaborative process. 

  • Secure Log-In
  • Easy to Use 
  • Accessible from remote locations
  • Imports Quickbooks Data
  • Imports Customers' Spreadsheets
  • Compares Invoices to Purchase Orders
  • Provides Exception Reporting
  • Provides a Preview of Electronic Invoice
  • Provides Electronic Invoice in XML Format