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Stabilize Operations Cost

Installation, Administration, Repair, and Upgrades for servers, PCs, networks and peripherals are all part of our Technical Support Center. We can install your new PCs and connect them to your network. Let us add internal or external hardware such as memory, sound card, video adapter, hard drive, or printer. We can also swap out your hard drive for a larger one or replace your power supply to recover your system. Finally, let us remove and harden your system against viruses to prevent future system failures.

• Most businesses rely on computers for customer tracking, spreadsheets, and producing documents. Claridata’s experienced staff will get your systems back on-line quickly while minimizing lost revenue. In addition, since most work can be done on-site, the downtime is decreased even further.
Maintenance - Reliable resource for eliminating computer downtime. In a catastrophe, It's not about protecting data - It's about continuing business operations.

Office Technology - Claridata discussed the needs and specified the equipment. Then, we installed the server, workstation, and printers all in a wireless networked environment. In addition, industry specific software was installed and configured.

System/Data Recovery - If your computer will not boot up, it is most likely a power supply or hard disc failure. Claridata will quickly troubleshoot the cause and get your system operational.

We count on you.

You made opening a new office easier by providing dependable installation. I will recommend you to my colleagues.

Thank you for responding so quickly. We did not think that you would be able to make it today but you did and got us working again.


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