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Maximize Productivity

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This system is an Intranet System.   It is accessible through a website for access from remote locations.  Depending on the log-in information is displayed either for a desktop or a Blackberry.  Data entry is performed through both devices. The data is stored  in Access  database. .   

The Work/Job Order is printed in text format.  The payroll reports are exported to Excel for integration with an industry-specific accounting application. 


Our customers define the features of the system they require through an iterative and collaborative process. 

  • Secure Log-In
  • Easy to Use 
  • Accessible from remote locations
  • Audit Log of User Activity
  • Search for Job/Work/Change Orders
  • Assign Employees to a Job
  • Enter timesheet data on a Blackberry
  • On-demand printing of Work/Job Order
  • Enter Daily Job Report on a Blackberry
  • Maintain Schedule of Values
  • Archiving of Orders