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Controlled Access to Information

Claridata Corp provides a full line of website development from basic websites to a website with content management and internal system integrations including Web Services.  Custom professional graphics, banners, and layouts are the  "standard" approach; however, a selection of standard templates are available.  

 You can implement the necessary modules to accomplish
your website objectives according to your budget. Click on the modules for a description.

 Our standard  websites come with our standard hosting package of 350MB of storage, unlimited bandwidth, email server, and web mail.     
  • Activity Schedule
  • Animation
  • Article Management
  • Broadcasting System
  • Calendar
  • Content Management
  • Custom-designed templates
  • Customer Service
  • Database Applications
  • Discussion Board
  • Event Management
  • Industry
  • Intranet
  • Links Updates
  • Log-ins
  • Mailing Lists
  • Manage Product/Service Offerings
  • MAP IT
  • Newsfeeds
  • Online Newsletter
  • Online Store
  • Photo Album
  • Polling S/W
  • Server Uploads/Downloads
  • Site Search
  • Site Statistics
  • Sponsorship Links
  • SQL Server
  • Standard Website
  • User Management
  • Video
  • Web Ad Program
  • Web Services
    Content Management System - A website with advertising, photo albums, and more. Claridata trained the staff and the staff maintains all content on website.

    GCEA - The pages on this website are updateable through the content management system or through internal databases that are integrated into the website. The site includes user registration, online reservations, calendar, news, update reports, and is maintained by staff.

    Production Accounting - Allows for employee, machinery and material assignments; schedule of values monitoring, job order search, and entering of time on the jobsite through a PDA.

    The Invoicer - Reduction of invoice processing from 24 to 4 hours with access from anywhere.

    Content Management System - . Our website looks fabulous and we’re very proud of it. It’s always a pleasure to work with you. You have excellent ideas on how to make things work and, of course, you have the expertise to put into reality the ideas that we – you, staff, and committee – come up with.  Visit the site.

    GCEA - Your company was easy to work with. You adhered to the project schedule without delay. Our website has all the functionality we asked for and was delivered on time and on budget.  Visit the site.

    Production Accounting - It has made payroll and invoicing much easier. It has also made it easier to insure that contract employees are allowed on the jobsite.  Visit the site.

    The Invoicer - A stable process with great employee benefit  Visit the site.

    Contact Claridata Corp for Computer Support, Web Development, Web Hosting, and System Development